Data Center

Meeting your Cloud Data Center and DCI needs

Cloud-based services are expected to grow at an average annual rate of 23-29 percent over the next five years
and pass the $200 billion mark in 2020.

IP Infusion can help you build your hyperscale cloud infrastructure using standard CLOS architecture and interconnect
the data center using converged packet/optical systems.


• Hyperscale, Multi-tenant cloud

– Underlay/Overlay
– DCI integrated with DWDM optics
– Cloud Bursting application
– Hybrid cloud – Extend from public to private clouds
– Low Latency Applications in the financial enterprise

• Programmable data path and fabric wide monitoring/Telemetry
•  Horizontally scalable topology made of uniform elements
•  The topology is fully non-blocking
• Traffic flowing from server to server is load balanced over all available paths using ECMP

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